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Pledge to Repair Christ Church Newton Parish Buildings

Donate to Help Christ Church Newton Repair the Roofs on the Anderson House & Parish House

The leadership of the church has initiated a capital campaign to preserve the vision of our founders and ensure that future generations will be able to gather and worship safely at Christ Church.


The Raise the Roof Capital Campaign is a 3-year long initiative to replace the roofs on Anderson House and the Parish House.


Financial Goal

Our goal is to raise enough funds to replace the current roofs on both historic structures.

The Christ Church Anderson House was built in 1785.
The Christ Church Parish House was built in 1869.

State of Anderson House and Parish House Roofs

  • The roofs on both structures are experiencing simultaneous deterioration:

  • Rot is pervasive, due to the age of the historic buildings and because of water damage over the years;

  • Tar laced with asbestos is present in both roofs requiring a dedicated abatement process for complete and safe removal;

  • The existing beams and supports have been deemed inadequate to support a new roof, necessitating the replacement and/or augmentation of existing beams.

The Raise the Roof Capital Campaign will raise funds to complete the following:

  • Remove the existing roofs on both the Anderson House and Parish House;

  • Safely remove the tar and asbestos;

  • Remove the beams in the Parish House;

  • Install supports in the Anderson House in order to maintain the historic beams, but ensure that they are no longer supporting the weight of the new roof;

  • Construct new beams, decking and membranes in both buildings;

  • Incorporate new slates in both roofs.

Donate online or mail a check made out to "Christ Church" to:

Christ Church, Newton, 62 Main Street, Newton, NJ 07860

Note: "Roof" on the Memo line

We thank you for helping us to ensure that future generations will continue to be able to be Christ's presence in our community.

To Receive Our Newsletter, Contact the Church Office or 973-383-2245
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