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Women's Groups at Christ Church Newton

Doing Christ's Ministry in the World

The Christ Church Women's group at Christ Church Newton follows the mission of the National Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Organization: "Centered in congregations, the ECW empowers women to do Christ's ministry in the world."


​​​Membership in the Christ Church Newton Women's Group is open to everyone. For more information, contact the church office at 973-383-2245 or email

Our Mission

The Christ Church Newton Women's Group also strives to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our strength, and all our minds.  We help each other to express love for neighbors and ourselves. Fellowship and fun are also very important!


The Church Women's Group meets monthly for a potluck luncheon at the church or at the homes of active members.  The group often supplies food for grieving families and members undergoing a health crisis, as well as providing receptions for various parish activities.  The annual Spring Retreat takes place in March.

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Ministry through Social Outreach
Forming Bonds with Our Sisters

We have a partnership with women from our companion church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, in Newton.  We attend and support each other's meetings, services, and programs.  Together we focus on bridging our local communities of faith and ministering through social outreach.

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Keeping in Touch
Note Card Ministry

Utilizing the personal gift of note cards, the Keeping in Touch (K.I.T.) ministry unites and empowers Christ Church Women to share and build their faith, reach out to the community and beyond, and act as a spiritually nurturing force. By expressing the sentiments and compassion necessary for human connection, these cards represent tokens of love for those experiencing loss, illness, recovery, and isolation, as well as acknowledging appreciation, gratitude, and celebration.

To Receive Our Newsletter, Contact the Church Office or 973-383-2245
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