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A Pastoral Message from Christ Church

Dear family and friends of Christ Church,


One of the summer traditions I appreciate at Christ Church is the rotating roster of soloists who offer their talents on Sunday mornings during our 10:00 am service. In addition to giving our hard-working choir a well-deserved break, I find it a real treat to hear a different voice each week. I am grateful for Joe Mello’s encouragement and organizing of our soloists, and Diana Greene’s generosity in providing rehearsal time and support.


I’m personally delighted to be on the schedule for Sunday, July 14. One of pieces that morning will be a duet arrangement of the spiritual “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder”. The deceptively simple text and tune were made popular in the 90’s when included as a main musical theme in Ken Burn’s documentary The Civil War.


The spiritual draws from Genesis 28 where we read of Jacob dreaming of a ladder reaching to eternity, with angels climbing up and down between heaven and earth. The song’s steady rhythm builds and builds as the music broadens and the text encourages the listener to “rise, shine and give God your glory”. One foot in front of the other – day in and day out. The song has resonated with me over the years as a concise set of directions for discipleship. Each day God gifts you and me with a new set of rungs on life’s ladder.


As we approach our nation’s birthday this week, I am put in mind of the great cloud of patriots and saints who, against all odds, found the strength and courage to keep climbing, trusting that God was present in their struggles and willing them to move forward. Their sacrifice and faithfulness provide rays of light leading us to richness of life, liberty and the ongoing pursuit of happiness for all humanity.


One rung, one step, one prayer, one visit, one kind and encouraging word at a time; we climb the ladder that connects heaven to earth and brings us that much closer to the kingdom of God.

See you in church! Blessings and peace,



The Reverend Chris Streeter, Priest-in-Charge

Christ Episcopal Church, Newton NJ

Reverend Chris Streeter.jpg

The Reverend Chris Streeter, Priest-in-Charge

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