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The Staff & Leadership at Christ Church Newton

The Staff and Vestry at Christ Church Newton Welcome You

Bp Hughes by Cynthia L Black 2019-09-22.jpg
The Right Reverend Carlye Hughes

Bishop of the Diocese of Newark

The Leadership of Christ Church Newton


Karrie Miller, Parish Administrator,

Joe Mello, Director of Music,

Deborah Mello, Children's Music Director,

Diana Greene, Pianist & Organist,

Susie Mittelstadt, Director of Children's Ministries,

Beth Batastini, Faith Community Nurse,


Nick Pachnos & Mary Ann Risley


Vanessa Compton, Pauline Josephs, Ford Livengood, Lori Parks, Steve Shaw, Lou Slamer, Ginny Smith, Denise Streeter, Andy Van Orden

Tim Mulder.jpg
The Reverend Tim Mulder

Interim Rector

The staff and leadership at Christ Church Newton are here to help you! 

Please call the church office at 973-383-2245 for assistance.

Debbie and Joe Mello, November 2018.JPG
Joe & Debbie Mello

Director of Music

Children's Music Director

Diana Greene.JPG
Diana Greene

Pianist & Organist

Rev. Paul Rajan

Assisting Clergy

Susie Mittelstadt

Children's Ministries

Beth Batastini, Faith Community Nurse.jpg
Beth Batastini

Faith Community Nurse

Luz the best.jpeg
Luz Quintero


To Receive Our Newsletter, Contact the Church Office or 973-383-2245
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