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A Pastoral Message from Christ Church

Dear Friends of Christ Church,

For well over two centuries Christ Church has embraced the call to serve Sussex County and the world beyond. The Sacraments have been faithfully celebrated, the word of God delivered and songs of praise lifted high. Our rich heritage emboldens us to express God's timeless truths to a modern world needing Good News.

Each and every parish has a unique flavor. Our life with God leads us to emphasize the inclusion of children, excellent music, and above all, Joy! Church members want to be part of the kingdom of God because it is fun. Though our opinions on pressing matters may differ, our commitment to Christ enables us to worship as one. Unified members enjoy eating together, sharing laughs and serving others.

At Christ Church we consider each visitor to be a gift sent to us by God. We see in each other the image of the living Christ. We hope to help you find your place in this noble heritage called Christ Church.


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